False Alarm Registration

  The State of Delaware and some cities within the state such as Middletown and Wilmington require that you register your alarm system with their false alarm reduction program. A fair amount of alarm related calls the police receive are false alarms, this hinders the police officers from being able to handle real situations. As an effort to keep track of the false alarms and reduce them there have been fees set into place for having a false alarm or having an unregistered alarm system in your home or business. When you register your alarm with any of these entities, they usually give you a couple of pardoned false alarms. If your local police jurisdiction is not listed here, it doesn't hurt to reach out to them to ensure they don't have a program.

What is a false alarm?

A false alarm is an alarm activation that was accidentally caused by  human error or a malfunction with the security system equipment, causing  the police to respond to your home or business to find no evidence of a  crime. 

What can cause a false alarm?

  • Incorrect keypad code entered.
  • Allowing untrained staff members, family members or friends to operate the security system keypad.
  • Failure to properly secure doors and windows.
  • Failure to be sure a pass code is properly entered into the panel.

How can I reduce my chances of a false alarm?

  •  Always make sure all doors and windows are closed.
  • Inform potential users of how to properly use the alarm panel.
  • Make sure new user codes are programed into the panel.
  • Update your alarm company of any changes to contact information.
  • Periodically review your user manual.
  • Test your system monthly; to learn how to properly test your system please call our office.
  • Always alert your alarm company of any dysfunctions with your alarm system.