New Garden Township, PA

New Garden Township released the following information on their false alarm reduction program; any questions regarding this program should be relayed to the New Garden Township Police Department.    Click here to go to download the alarm permit application.

New Garden Township 

Police Department      8934 Gap Newport Pike – Landenberg, PA 19350

Dispatch (610) 268-3171   Station (610) 268-2907   Fax (610) 268-2886

              This Public Service Announcement is for Alarm

System Users in New Garden Township ONLY


 On September 1, 2013 the New Garden Township Police Department will begin to monitor all alarm activations, both residential and commercial for excessive “false” activations.  While alarm activity has not been monitored in the past, there are compelling reasons to begin the practice now.

 These laws exist to ensure responsible ownership and to encourage compliance. Alarm system owners need to ensure their systems are properly maintained and that users are adequately trained.

 The alarm ordinance allows for two (2) false activations in a 30-day period and no more than three (3) in a calendar year without penalty.   Alarm activations beyond  the  aforementioned  schedule  will  be  deemed  excessive  and  the registered owner will be issued a summons accordingly.

 The New Garden Township Police Department responds to an estimated 500 alarm activations a year; of which many are false.   Hopefully, the change in enforcement practices will encourage user compliance, which will reduce alarm activations and provide the police more time to focus on other activities.  This is good for the all Township residents, including those without the benefit of an alarm system.

 In anticipation of questions that will result from this monitoring effort, please take note of the following:

 1.  If I have excessive alarm activations, will the police stop responding to my home or business?  A:  NO, the police department will respond to all alarm activations; unless the user’s alarm monitoring service authorizes a disregard by confirmation, which is relayed to the police through the Department of Emergency Services.

 2Do we count weather and/or uncontrollable events that cause an alarm system to activate against the user?  A:  No, but we may contact you to discuss the reason for your alarm activation.

3.  Will the police send a fine without allowing for an opportunity to correct the alarm system problem?   A:   No, the goal is to promote responsible ownership and use of alarm systems; we prefer to gain compliance and not prosecution.

 Additionally, alarm users must register their alarm system with the township; presently there is no registration fee.  The forms may be returned to the police department or Township administration office.

We kindly ask that you share this information with your friends and neighbors. You may locate additional information and the necessary Registration Form by visiting our website or Facebook page;

Finally, we always welcome direct communications, if you would like to speak to the  Chief of Police, you  may call the  police  administration  office  during our business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday; the number is 610-268-2907, extension 100.

 Thank you, in advance for your anticipated assistance in achieving our goal of

responsible ownership and use of alarm systems.

Best regards,

Gerald R. Simpson

Chief of Police