Medical Alert Pendants

Call for help medical alert pendants can save your life or a family member’s life in the Life Sentry Unit Photoevent of an emergency.  At the touch of a button you can be connected to a center station agent who can then call for an ambulance, family member, friend or a neighbor to notify them that you need help. The agent will speak to you via the pendant so you never have to worry about getting to a telephone; the Life Sentry Emergency Response System has a 5,000 square foot radius for use in home and some areas of your yard. The pendant’s battery will work for several hours of talk time or six months in standby mode; the batteries are also rechargeable at the base. If the power goes out in your home your medical response unit also has twenty four hours of battery backup. To get more information or to schedule your appointment for an estimate please call our office at (302)838-2852.